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Tiny hairless puppy comes into shelter needing love and affection

Tiny hairless puppy needs love and affection dog-sad
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Pippa, the 7-week old rescue puppy arrived at the dog rescue centre with her parents and sibling in urgent need of a foster home.

By Dawn Parrish , 5 Apr 2019

The tiny, hairless puppy was in a very poor state

When she arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society, the tiny pup was totally hairless and her body was covered in scabs and sores. Everyone of the rescued dogs were in a poor condition, but Pippa, the smallest dog had the worst case of mange.

All she needed was a new home

Amanda Harris, a pet lover, went to the Shelter as soon as she saw an image of the desperate hairless puppy. Even though the tiny pup was suffering with her sores, it was apparent that she needed to be cared for.  Amanda took the tiny pup home and gave her round the clock attention. With a little time, some treatment and of course, lots of love and affection, Pippa (previously named Harriet), soon began to recover.

Pippa’s health improves as the weeks pass

As Amanda cared for the tiny, hairless puppy giving her lots of medicated baths and a good diet, she soon saw a vast improvement. Not only did the tiny Chihuahua’s skin improve and her hair grew back, but her huge personality soon began to show through. Pippa loved to play hide and seek under the blankets, and her foster mum made her a carry sling so that she could take her along to work too. With two other large dogs already living in her foster home, Pippa had great fun playing with them and pulling at their tails.

Tiny, hairless puppy is settling into her new home

Once she recovered to full health, the rescued pup was ready to move in with her new adopted family. Following an appeal on social media, a family soon came forward who were very keen to take Pippa home. Terri Dickson, Pippa’s new mom said that the cute pup is settling into her new home very well. She has certainly found her happy home with plenty of love and affection.


Our girl Harriet (now Pippa) was featured on The Dodo today! ? You can follow her on Instagram @not.harriet to keep up with her as she heals and grows even more!

Posted by Atlanta Humane Society on Thursday, March 28, 2019

Little Harriet is receiving medicated baths to help her heal from mange, and she's already feeling loads better thanks to your support! Read her story here >>>

Posted by Atlanta Humane Society on Friday, February 15, 2019

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