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Woman calls for help as she is up to her neck in kitties

Woman calls for help as she is up to her neck in kitties cat-wow
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A cat lover’s home in Toronto, Canada, is literally overrun with cats. Around 120 cats were discovered in her property.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 05/04/2019, 07:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

Toronto Cat Rescue certainly does a fantastic job saving cats from distressing situations, but this rescue seemed to top them all! A woman called them to ask for their help as she was up to her neck in kitties.

More than 100 cats are rescued from her home

When staff from the rescue centre went to her home, they were astounded to find not just a few cats, but more than 120 felines running everywhere. The Executive Director of the Toronto Cat Rescue, Belinda Vandersluis, commented "There were all ages of cats. They all look very similar. In this situation, they are all related."

Most of the kitties look very similar

It appears that the woman began her pet collection with just a few cats, both male and female, which she didn’t bother to get spayed or neutered. Over time, these kitties have mated, with resulting offspring, continuing to breed with each other. The situation soon got out of control and her home became overrun with felines. Of course, they are all related in some way and have a very similar appearance.

Many of the rescued kitties have now been rehomed

Local bylaws state that a maximum of six kitties are allowed in a domestic situation. In this position, things have got out of hand very quickly, and the woman needed help as she was soon up to her neck in cats. It could be classed as a case of hoarding animals, but fortunately, no charges are being pressed against her. The state of affairs has certainly been helped because the cats are in good health and also because she was the person who called Toronto Cat Rescue herself.

Its good news that 50 of the kitties have been taken in by Toronto Cat Rescue, while other animal societies are caring for the others. All the cats should be ready for adoption very soon.

This situation will surely highlight the need to have any pet cat spayed or neutered, before pet owners become inundated with their multiple pregnancies and offspring.


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Posted by Toronto Cat Rescue on Monday, March 25, 2019