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Abandoned kitten is determined to get adopted

Abandoned kitten now has a forever home cat-happy
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Pete, the tiniest, abandoned kitten is desperate to find a new home, despite having three previous foster homes.

By Dawn Parrish

Published on the 04/04/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

The kitty was discovered along with his mother cat and siblings, in Houston, Texas. They were taken to Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue centre, where staff discovered the mum cat was in poor state.

While she was given medical care, Pete and his siblings were placed into foster homes. Here, the other kittens thrived and gained weight, Pete appeared to be the baby of the litter with some health problems. The other kittens were all adopted, while Pete remained in foster care.

Abandoned kitten moves foster homes yet again

Pete, the smallest of the litter was transferred to a different foster family, but luckily, this time to the home of Laine, a volunteer at the feline shelter. Knowing that kittens do best with other felines, she adopted another kitten along too, welcoming both Pete and Ebba into her care, along with her pet cat, Henry. It was obvious that Pete loved to be petted and stroked, seeking affection wherever he could.

Abandoned kitten settles into his forever home

It soon became clear that Pete wasn’t going anywhere. He certainly loves everyone he meets and gets along just fine with every other cat he is introduced to. When he was introduced to Bruce Banner, Laine’s resident cat, it was adoration at first sight. Now Pete the kitten is settled into his adopted home, he takes on the role of looking after and guiding the new foster kittens. He is certainly an excellent kitty role model.

It seems that everyone who has fostered and cared for this abandoned little kitten throughout his short life, have played a role in making him the gorgeous, adorable, happy cat he is today.


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