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This woman is baffled when she sees how many puppies her dog gave birth to!

19 cane corso puppies come to drink their milk in bowls dog-wow
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Kira is a 2 year-old Cane Corso who recently made front-page dog news when she gave birth to no less than 19 puppies!

By Justine Seraphin , 4 Apr 2019

An XXL litter

When her owner, Natalia Mukhomedeeva, came home from work, she instantly realised her dog was in labour.  She stayed by Kira’s side to support her through the births. And it was a long process. While the first pup appeared in the late afternoon, the last one finally arrived late the next morning! And perhaps the most surprising thing of all…was the astonishing number of puppies Kira delivered!

It was a completely crazy night! We thought there would be three pups, maybe ten, but not more”, said Natalia.

Sadly, one of the pups died during its birth, but the others are perfectly healthy and doing well. Since there are so many mouths to feed, Kira’s family is helping her by completing the pups’ diet with milk replacer.


Exceptional puppies

Sadly, one of the pups died during the birth, but the others are perfectly healthy and doing well. 19 seems to be a magic number in this story, since the litter was born on a 19th, and so was their father before them. This record number of puppies must’ve been some sort of destiny!

The amount of puppies in a litter varies widely between breeds, and although large breeds tend to have more puppies, the average amount is around 6-8. Currently, the record for the most puppies in a litter is held by a Neapolitan mastiff named Tia, who gave birth to a whopping 24 puppies in 2004.

Even if they don’t hold the world record, we figure this family still has their hands full! We wish them all the best, and Kira and her puppies too!