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Check out these comfy and stylish dog crates

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Several design companies have come up with a stylish alternative to crating your pet pooch.

Tired of all those dingy and depressing looking steel cages, a bunch of creatives designed some dog crates that blend seamlessly into the rest of the home.

At first glance, they look like another piece of furniture, including coffee tables, side tables, and even a credenza. But open them up, and you'll find a comfortable little spot where your dog can rest and feel safe.

A stylish alternative

These stylish designs are a perfect choice for houseproud dog owners looking for an alternative to unsightly looking steal crates.

Prices start at around £100, while the top of the range designs can go up to £1,000. These include the Damien Double Wide Small Credenza Pet Crate, a well-designed and beautifully made crate that doubles up as a stylish piece of home furniture.

Many dog lovers have a negative reaction to the idea of crate training.  After all, who wants to put their dog inside a cage? However, research has shown that crate training can benefit your dog in many different ways.

Benefits of crate training

Firstly, it replicates how they would act in the wild. Dogs, like many other wild animals, have a natural instinct to find a den. This is where they can sleep, raise a little doggy family, and hide away from any potential predators.

Crate training offers the dog a sense of security. The crate is their little part of the house.

It's also a really effective way of transporting your dog, especially on long journeys. And if you ever want to take your dog on a plane or a ship, then crate training is essential.

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