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Pete the pug locks his owner out of the car

Pete was in the car for three hours dog-wow
© NickUchihaa - Twitter

Pete the Pug turned into a very ”bad” boy after locking his owner out of her car.

By Ashley Murphy , 3 Apr 2019

The pug lives in San Antonio, Texas. Last week, Pete and his dog mum were just about to set off on a trip when she realised she'd left something inside the house.  When she returned, she realised that Pete the Pug had managed to lock himself inside the car!

She couldn't figure out how he'd done it, let only why, and so she had to call the AAA (American Automobile Association.)

Pete chills out

It took them three hours to arrive. But this didn't bother Pete. He took the whole thing in his little stride. He just chilled out and waited for the rescue team to arrive.

The amusing incident was captured by the pug owners son, Nick Garcia. He decided to share the story on Twitter. The first tweet read:

"So my dog locked my mom out of her car."

He then retweeted some pictures sent over by his mum, as well as a screenshot of their text conversation.

Unsurprisingly, the story quickly turned viral. Pete's cheeky escapade received over 500,000 like and was retweeted over 95,000 times.

Nick tweets also received 1,900 comments. They included:

"Pete is a god amongst other dogs."

"That's Pete's car now."


"Pugs are so funny bruh, mine always be doing some random s**t like this."

A "naughty" breed

But as funny as the story is, dog experts won't be surprised. Pugs are notoriously mischievous.  

These quirky little characters have many amusing (and sometimes frustrating!) personality traits and are often compared to a naughty toddler. And with those super cute faces and adorable puppy eyes, it's almost as if they know how much they can get away with!

However, I think Pete the Pug might have pushed his doggy mum to the limit this time! Better get practising those puppy eyes, Pete!