Gogglebox star in dog shove furore

Screenshot of gogglebox Channel 4 dog-angry © TOP NEWS - Youtube

Gogglebox participant Ellie Warner is forced to apologise after a social media explosion in response to her disgraceful treatment of her dog.

By Nick Whittle

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Producers of an often-aloof Channel 4 urged Warner to acknowledge a tide of social media complaints last week (w/c 25/3/19) following the airing of an episode in which she is seen repeatedly pushing her dog away.

Warner and a friend had just started to eat their dinner when 'Mick' decided to join them. Distracted by the dog’s persistent begging Warner spilt some food over her lap and then proceeded to push the dog away with what some regarded as unnecessary force.

Social media explosion

While not an example of the worst kind of animal cruelty, the move caused dozens of people to take to social media to complain about what they had just witnessed. Tweeps were especially vocal about the incident. @McGuinnesschild wrotePlease stop shoving that dog away like that. Disgraceful’, @lynchos wroteSo heavy handed with such a dainty little Italian Greyhound, shame on you. Massively put me off these girls’ and @Osc_Schnauzer14 wroteOMG how the hell is she treating that poor dog?!?!?’'

Urged to apologise and to end the furore, Ellie later wrote on Twitter: ‘sorry everyone, was scolded by burning hot beans. The foot stool is literally a foot from the floor so Mick was not hurt. I love my dog and would never hurt him and I also would not let him eat Kentucky fried chicken as it is not suitable food for dogs.’

Gogglebox is a British reality television programme first aired by Channel 4 on the 7th March 2013. The programme features a number of participant families and groups of friends from around the UK. In 2014 Gogglebox won a BAFTA for ‘Best Reality & Constructed Factual Programme’.


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