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Essex cat found with legs taped together with gaffa tape

Cat found in Essex with legs gaffa taped together cat-angry
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Trembling and petrified, an innocent male cat was found in an Essex alleyway with its paws bound tightly together with tape.

By Alice Lang

Published on the 02/04/2019, 16:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

Volunteer Donna, from Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary, was taking her dog for a walk when she was met with the most unexpected and disgusting act of animal cruelty.

Cutting through an alley off Ongar Road, Kelvedon Hatch, she spotted a black-and-white adult cat lying on the floor with its front and back paws taped together tightly with gaffa tape.

He was completely petrified

The innocent feline was, understandably, completely terrified. When Donna tried to approach him, he hissed and completely freaked out. But after having his legs tied together by a cruel human being, we can totally understand why. Horrendous.

Donna stayed with the kitty at a distance until the shelter team arrived. Thankfully, they managed to free him from the thick tape by restraining him in a thick towel and cutting through the tape.

They eventually managed to get the poor cat into a carrier, but all he wanted to do was flee.

But now, he’s making a slow recovery

It’s still early days for the abused black-and-white feline, but he’s making slow and steady progress.

“Gone half 8 last night he ventured out to eat and has eaten more overnight and used his litter tray. He looks calmer today and has stopped trembling and cowering every time he sees someone. But isn't happy at all to be approached. We are leaving him to calm down and settle for now. When moving around his pen he doesn't seem to have any obvious injuries.”  Shelter staff said on their Facebook page.

We’re so happy that Donna found this poor animal and that he’s now in safe hands at this amazing animal shelter. Hopefully, the terrified boy will learn to trust again and find a loving forever home. To keep up with his story, make sure to follow the Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary Facebook page.


Yesterday one of our volunteers was walking her dog and cut through an alley off Ongar Road, Kelvedon Hatch and came...

Posted by Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary on Wednesday, March 27, 2019