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5 things you NEED in your life if you love cats!

Perfect gifts and items for cat lovers cat-happy
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Mad about cats? These 5 items will get your feline happy and make the perfect gift for your cat-loving friends and family!

By Alice Lang

Published on the 02/04/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

Cat lovers seem to get a little bit of a rep' for being a little, well, crazy about cats. But that's fine, right?

Because in all honesty, we totally are crazy about them - they're fluffy, cute, hilarious, loving... we could go on and on (okay, we're totally living up to the rep right now). But in all seriousness, how couldn't you love them?!

So, we decided to explore the internet and see what quirky items we could find for all the cat lovers out there. They'd also make purrfect gifts for any self-confessed feline fanatic!

With that said, let's get in right into it and check out these pawsome (we're totally overdoing it with the puns here) cat-themed treats and gifts:

1. This perfectly apt slate plaque

Let's face it, we humans are basically slaves to our feline friends - food when they want it, cuddles when they want it, play-time when they want it. So, we thought this cute slate plaque was pretty accurate. I mean, we just live in a house with them to meet their every command, right? Every cat Mum or Dad knows that.

"It's the cat's house... we just pay the mortgage". Yup.

2. Catopoly

There's not much explaining to do here. Catopoly is literally Monopoly, but about cats. Genius - you couldn't possibly go wrong with that, could you?!

Properties are cats, you pay rent to use other player's litter trays, and instead of going to jail, you fall in water. And guess what? You even have to pay tax to the dog. Better get your game face on then!

3. A personalised cat necklace

You've likely seen cat necklaces before, but this one's on another level. Just send in a photo of your kitty to the Crazy Cat Shop (told you we've got a bad rep) and they'll engrave the photo onto a necklace, keychain or pair of earrings. The engravings are super life-like and it's a perfect little keepsake of your favourite little buddy!

4.  Simon's Cat Merchandise

If you haven't heard of Simon's Cat, you must have been living under a rock. It's the ultimate cat-lovers cartoon, depicting the day-to-day life of domesticated cats and their owners. The skits couldn't be more accurate - once you start watching, you won't be able to stop!

And now, the Cat's Protection (an amazing UK-based cat charity) are selling awesome Simon's Cat bags and water bottles. Considering the money goes to a kitty charity and the merchandise is pretty awesome anyway, we're defo stocking up! Check them out here. 

If you haven't discovered Simon's Cat yet, here you go. You can thank us later.

5. RIPNDIP t-shirt

This brand is a true classic, and you can't get much cooler than the cheeky pocket cat t-shirt. We think every cat lover should have one of these. No one ever has to know what happens when you pull down the pocket, of course - your secret is safe with us...

Check out RIPNDIP's full collection here - they come in every colour you could think of!


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