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Husky turns Mum for lonely orphaned kittens

Husky adopts orphaned kittens dog-cat-happy
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These tiny orphaned kittens didn’t have a Mum of their own, but a warm, caring Husky dog decided to step up and save the day...

By Alice Lang

Published on the 01/04/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

Three adorable kittens were found in California by an animal-loving passerby, who immediately took them to the nearest vet. 

And thanks to the immediate care of the dedicated veterinarians, the kittens made it through the night. The following morning, they were transported to Mini Cat Town, a lovely rescue group in San Jose.

Safe and sound, but without a Mum

As they were so young, the kittens were put in foster to ensure their survival. They were growing stronger by the day, with warm beds, plenty of food and loads of affection. 

They were even given names - Samwell, Khaleesi and Jorah - adorable, right?! But despite their good luck, they were still missing one thing - a Mother of their own.

So Lilo the Husky took on the challenge

The cheeky trio of kittens were brought back to the shelter for a weekend, where they met the most unexpected companion,

"Lilo is always so excited when we bring new babies home. She sees the carrier and just spins in circles until we put it down," Thoa, rescue owner, told Love Meow.

Lilo immediately approached the tiny felines, settled down next to them and watched over them protectively. She even groomed them and tried to help during feeding time.

"She helped us clean them and loved keeping them company," Thoa added.

Lilo is the sweetest Husky around

"We have 17 kittens in foster care so far this kitten season and are still taking in more. Lilo loves them all," Thoa told Love Meow. 

She’s now caring for another litter of abandoned kittens, watching over their every move and grooming them when they cry. In fact, she's been doing it for years now - she's clearly a natural cat Mom!

Is there anything better than seeing an animal of a different species care for another as if it were there own? It just goes to show how loving  and intelligent animals really are.


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