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A man helps his pregnant Corgi give birth…but realises her babies are kittens!

Pregnant corgi gives birth to kittens dog-wow
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This incredible birth will go down in history and certainly proves that nothing is impossible!

By Justine Seraphin , 1 Apr 2019

Another one of nature's miracles. That’s what Mark, from Brisbane, Australia, witnessed a few weeks ago. It all started when his dog Bella – a 2-year-old Corgi – got pregnant. This was great news for Mark and his family, who were excited at the prospect of raising puppies, especially since people were already offering to adopt them once they were old enough.

Unforgettable births

Bella’s pregnancy went smoothly. The future Mum was certainly healthy, and her family had everything ready and prepared for her pups’ arrival. On the 12th of February, Mark realised Bella was starting to show signs that she would soon deliver.

Mark, devoted dog-dad, stayed by Bella’s side to make sure she was alright, as this was her first ever pregnancy. But panic became to settle in as Mark came to the horrific realisation that there was something wrong with the first-born puppy.

Mark thought the tiny little pup looked more like a kitten.

Assuming this was just the effect of having stayed up all night with Bella, Mark prepared himself for the birth of the second pup. But once again, the pup didn’t look like a dog at all! On the contrary to Mark, Bella wasn’t perturbed at all by the birth of her babies, and starts to take care of them immediately.

Mark, who still thought he was seeing things due to his fatigue, decided to go get some rest now that Bella’s labour was over.

The dog who gave birth to kittens

The next day, once Mark had gotten some well-deserved rest, he returned to Bella and her new-born litter. This time it was unquestionable: Bella had given birth to kittens. Mark, worried and confused, immediately called his vet, who of course, was just as surprised as he had been to hear of this strange and very unique story.

Yet, this is not the first time this kind of event has taken place. A few years back, a 3-year-old American Shorthair gave birth to a single puppy.

Now famous in Brisbane, Mark and his family decided to keep the miracle kittens, and even started an Instagram page for those interested in following the journey of the cats born of a dog!

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