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Little pit-bull smiles radiantly when rescued

Tiny pit-bull mix smiles radiantly when rescued dog-happy
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This tiny little puppy was scurrying around the streets of Texas, lonely and sad. When she was rescued by the local shelter, something extraordinary happened that left everyone amazed. 

By Justine Seraphin , 31 Mar 2019

A very special rescue 

When little Layla the pit-bull mix first arrived at Beaumont Animal Care shelter in Texas, she was very timid and shy. Staff at the shelter had to be very gentle with her; she was afraid of everyone and everything. But as she spent more time with her rescuers, she began to feel more at ease. And one morning, the unthinkable happened: Layla revealed her beautiful smile!

The veterinarian who was checking on her at the time immediately pulled out her phone to capture the sweet moment. Once shared on Facebook, the video quickly went viral, making Layla an internet superstar! The 9 seconds of pure joy emanated from this video can leave no-one indifferent. And this was especially true for a woman named Nicole.

Spoilt for choice

Everyone wanted the adorable, smiling, internet sensation in their home, but staff at Beaumont Animal Shelter wanted to make sure they found the perfect person for Layla. Nicole, who already had three dogs and two cats, was experienced enough to be a perfect match for the sweet puppy. She took her home within days, and is now ready to give her a lifetime of love. 

According to Nicole, Layla smiles all the time, even in her sleep! 

From a stray in the streets of Texas to a loving home with many brothers and sisters, Layla certainly has a lot to smile about! We wish Layla and Nicole all the happiness in the world…and keep smiling little Layla! 


I am a Veterinary Technician for a Shelter in Texas. I thought I’d share a video of this sweet little girl. She already has 3 families coming to meet her just from this video! (She was given lots of cuddles, kisses, & treats after this video) I hope this makes you smile as much as I did watching her ? BBeaumont Animal Care (This video is being represented by LADbible Group. To use or license this video please email

Posted by Rachel Barron on Monday, February 25, 2019