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This video of a dog bursting into tears has touched the entire world

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© Youtube - Kritter Klub

When it comes to friendship, there is no limit. And the tears coming from this pup’s eyes are the proof of that. 

By Emilie Heyl , 31 Mar 2019

Rookie is a sweet dog who’s best friend is a cow. Adopted when he was still a small puppy, he quickly became friends with his fellow companions living on the same farm as him. A cow immediately took Rookie under her wings, and this was the start of an extraordinary friendship. 

Rookie and his cow friend are the living proof that animals have a great heart.  

The end of a beautiful friendship 

Unfortunately, the friendship between Rookie and his cow friend came to an end, because the owners of the farm had to sell the cattle. For the owners, it was a hard decision to make, as they did not want to hurt Rookie’s feeling by separating him from his friend. But they had no choice… 

On YouTube, the video showing the separation of Rookie and the cow, touched the whole world. We can see the puppy bursting into tears while watching his friend go away. Immediately, the dog runs towards his friends, barking for his friend to come back. But there was nothing to do. Such a heartbreaking moment, for Rookie, his family and for the entire world. 

A difficult time until a miracle happened

Following this difficult separation, Rookie entered a phase of depression. He refused to eat and sat for hours without doing anything, as if he was waiting for his friend.

Seeing his dog inconsolable, his owner finally decided to get his cow back and the two friends were able to meet again. 

Although Rookie got his cow friend back, his owner decided to organise a gathering with other dogs, to help Rookie socialise. Now Rookie has plenty of new friends.