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This deaf rescue dog communicates with his family through sign-language

Deaf rescue dog has found his forever home with a woman who teaches him sign language dog-wow
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This dog was dumped at a shelter several times because people couldn't handle his disability...but he finally found the perfect person.

By Justine Seraphin , 30 Mar 2019

It’s pretty obvious that adopting a special-needs dog involves great responsibilities. Yet, 5 families in a row returned poor Ivor to the shelter in less than 10 months. They probably fell in love with his good looks, but found themselves unable to deal with a deaf dog.

Ivor desperately needed to find an owner who would not only love him unconditionally, but also care for him with patience, kindness, and understanding. Luckily for him, that’s exactly what he found when he met Ellie Bromilow.

What’s the sign for ‘good boy’?

Since Ivor was deaf, the RSPCA Halifax had to think of other ways to teach him commands. They had started using sign-language to communicate with him, but when Ellie adopted him, she took over his training.

Ivor already knew the commands for ‘sit’ and ‘come’, but Ellie also taught him ‘down’, ‘stay’, and even ‘roll over’!

Sensory genius

With one sense down, Ivor’s other senses have greatly developed. For instance, he loves to play olfactory games! These are not only fun activities for him and Ellie to engage in, but they are also great intellectual stimulators!

It looks like Ivor has finally found his forever home, and will never have to deal with shelter life again. Even if he can’t hear word she says, Ellie says she chats with Ivor all the time. What a wonderful pair!

We wish them a lifetime of happiness together!


...when you have been busy hosting relatives all day.. and then they go back home..... (missed my mid-day snooze i did)

Posted by Ivor the Deaf Dog's Fun Page on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Little tip for fellow doggies out there.... if you sit directly between your hooman and the TV you get more treats....

Posted by Ivor the Deaf Dog's Fun Page on Tuesday, October 9, 2018