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Art project is helping rescue dogs get life-changing surgeries

many rescue dogs require surgery dog-happy
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A new art project by  Brooklyn-based photographer Winnie Au is raising awareness and some much need funding for rescue dogs in need of surgery.

By Ashley Murphy , 29 Mar 2019

Winnie Au fits dogs with colourful and stylish versions of the Elizabethan collar before snapping some very adorable photos. The Elizabethan collar, also known as the cone of shame, is a protective medical device that stops our pets biting, licking or scratching themselves after surgery. This stops fresh wounds from opening up,  preventing the chances of any serious infections.

The cone of shame

The Cone of  Shame art project is Winnie's way of raising some money for rescue dogs who need surgery. Speaking about the project, Winnie said:

“There are 1.6 million dogs waiting to be rescued every year in America, and many of them have urgent medical needs. I wanted to take the traditionally sad image of a dog wearing an Elizabethan collar and turn it upside down with this series.”

She hopes that by presenting rescue dogs in a new way, people will see just how special these animals are:

“The images are meant to make these dogs look majestic, proud, and beautiful," said Winnie. "They should remind you that each of these dogs has overcome something to emerge as the wonderful creatures that they are.”

Winnie has set up a kickstart crowdfund campaign and is launching a set of 12 photos cards of rescue dogs modelling their unique “cones of shame.” A donation of around £20 will get you a set of these super-cute photos, but dog lovers are always welcome to donate more.

The first step towards a new life

All funds will go toward the cost of surgeries,  which is one of the first steps in getting rescue dogs rehomed with loving families.


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