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This dog was letting herself die in the shelter…until social media saved her

Shelter dog abandoned 4 times hopes for a forever family dog-happy
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This sweet eldrely dog almost gave up on life...but shelter staff took to social media to save her.

By Justine Seraphin , 29 Mar 2019

Anais is an elderly dog of 14 years. She recently found herself in SPA Gennevilliers, a shelter in France, after being abandoned for a 4th time. This was one time too many, and the poor girl no longer had the strength to fight for her life. Every night, shelter staff could hear her desperate cries. She no longer tolerated shelter life – the loud barking coming from every which way was wearing her down, her loneliness was killing her. The shelter knew she had to be their priority.

Social media to the rescue

The SPA began a social media campaign to try getting Anais adopted as soon as possible, before it was too late. By sharing her story and photos, Anais started getting a lot of attention, particularly on Instagram.

Anais is preparing to spend another night alone in her kennel, yet the sparkle in her eye is still there. Someone will come for you, beautiful, we promised you this and we will do anything we can to make that a reality,” wrote the SPA on their profile. 

Shelter staff were worried they may not find a perfect home for her, since she was too old to live in a boisterous household with children and/or other dogs. She wouldn’t tolerate solitude well either, and these restrictions made her chances slim…

Saved by the Gram! 

But the social media campaign worked a miracle! 3 years after being left at the shelter, the beautiful pup finally found her fur-ever family! A young couple was moved by Anais’ story, and stepped forward to offer her a comfortable and loving home to spend her golden years in. 
Thanks to the SPA team’s hard work, Anais is getting a new chance at life, and an opportunity to give all the love she so longed to give when she spent all those years in the shelter.

Thank you SPA, and Anais, we wish you all the best in your new life!


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