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Dog plays fetch with visitor through a closed door every day

Dog plays fetch through a closed door every day dog-wow
© James Reynolds - Twitter

Plumber, James Reynolds, certainly didn’t expect to be playing a game of fetch with a dog through the cat flap of a closed door!

By Dawn Parrish , 28 Mar 2019

The plumber was called to carry out some work at a customer’s house, so he arrived and knocked on the door. There was no answer, but he was surprised to see the curtain moving through the closed door. James was astonished to see a dog’s head pop out from the cat flat, at the bottom of the door. He knelt down and gave the dog’s head a quick stroke, expecting the owner of the house to appear and let him inside.

Amusing dog plays game of fetch

It was obvious that the black dog was quite friendly, as very soon the curtain moved again, and out popped a green rubber ball through the cat flap. James didn’t realise at first that he had been roped in to participate, as the dog plays a game of fetch the ball with his visitor. Of course, the plumber worried what the dog’s owner might think if he made an appearance and here he was playing with his dog through the cat flap!

Happy dog continues the game through the closed door

James decided to video the playtime on his phone, so once again, he posted the green ball through the cat flap. Sure enough, it was just a few moments before the delighted pooch retrieved the ball and once again returned it through the closed door to James.

Of course, the homeowner soon realised what was going on, and opened the door. The plumber was able to enter the house and begin his work inside. He expects to return to the house very soon and certainly expects to continue the fun as the dog plays fetch with him and probably every other visitor to his home too!