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This amazing sweet potato van is run by a dog!

Sweet potato van in Japan staffed by a dog dog-wow
© hina_shii_ver2 - Twitter

Who doesn’t love a roasted sweet potato? They’re healthy, warm and delicious! But there’s probably one thing that could make them that little bit better - if they were served by a dog!

By Alice Lang , 28 Mar 2019

Pictures this: it’s a dark, rainy and gloomy Monday afternoon, you’re starving hungry and feeling a little blue.

But then, you spot a sweet potato van in the distance and make your way towards it. Phew, food! And as you get closer, you notice you’re going to be served by a chirpy, smiley little dog. Not feeling quite so blue anymore, hey?!

Well, we’ll have you know that a canine-serviced sweet potato store isn’t just a dream - it legitimately exists!

A sweet potato store in Japan has four-legged staff

It’s true! This roasted sweet potato joint in Hokkaido, Japan, is serviced by a dedicated three-year-old canine entrepreneur called Ken-kun.

The adorable dog mans (or should we say dogs?) the delicious restaurant, which, translated to English, goes by the name of ‘A Baked Potato Shop’.

Pictures and videos of the hard-working canine have gone viral on Twitter, taken by a customer who was amused by the four-legged hustler.

Ken-kun is the pawfect worker

Whenever a customer approaches the store, the little pooch pops up to greet them. We've no doubt that Ken-kun certainly draws customers into the restaurant - after all, who could resist that sweet little face? It's a pretty good marketing tactic, that's for sure!

But, guess what? As the restaurant is self-serve and self-pay, Ken-kun is trained to keep a close eye on his customers. If they don’t pay correctly (or at all), he’ll chase them down the street! We reckon that'd be hilarious to see - you can't get away with anything if Ken-ku is around.

And if the restaurant didn’t sound good enough already, you can pick up a sweet potato for just 69p. Bargain, hey? If you’re ever in Japan, you should totally go and try it out. Go Ken-kun!