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She wasn't allowed a dog, so her neighbours did the sweetest thing!

Lady couldn't get a job, so her neighbours built a window to pet theirs! dog-happy
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The landlord said she couldn’t have a dog, but with the help of her neighbours, dog-loving Laryssa found another way to get her daily canine dose!

By Alice Lang , 27 Mar 2019

Imagine being a dog-lover (aren’t we all?!) and having a landlord that says, with no ifs or buts, that you aren’t allowed a dog. Yep, it’d totally suck!

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Laryssa Giles. Although she had a lovely kitty at home, she still longed to be a dog mum. Thankfully, the most unexpected thing happened to fill her canine craving...

Laryssa became best friends with next door’s dog

Laryssa was overjoyed when her next-door neighbours brought home Jake, an adorable Great Pyrenees and Bernese mountain dog mix. And thankfully, Jake seemed to take a liking to her too!

Speaking to The Dodo, Laryssa explained: “The fence was quite decrepit when I first moved in that house, so when Jake was a puppy I used to reach over the fence and he'd stand on his back feet so I was just able to reach his nose. As he got taller, I could pet his head.”

But eventually, the neighbours needed to get their fence redone, meaning it was way too tall for Laryssa and Jake to hang out together. Thankfully, the neighbours had spotted the duo’s daily meetups and came up with the perfect solution!

The good-natured neighbours built a doggy window!

After calling the landlord to check the plan was okay, Laryssa’s lovely neighbours built a window in the door so the pair could still see each other.

And it worked! Every time Jake heard Laryssa out in the garden, he’d quickly run to the window and put his paws up ready for a pet. On her Reddit post, Laryssa said petting Jake through the window had actually become part of her daily routine.

She also explained that Jake was by no means ignored by his owners. Although he spent lots of time outdoors, it was by choice.

“He loves being outside, mostly refuses to go inside,” she said. “When he does want inside he stands on the bench and looks in the kitchen window until they let him in.”

But then, Laryssa moved away

Having recently got married and moved away, Laryssa and Jake’s daily meetups have had to come to an end. But she’s not worried - it turns out the new occupiers of the house are loving Jake, too!

“The new tenants pet him a lot as well. They shovelled a path in the snow to get to the window easier. He is much loved!”

Laryssa even made an effort to come back and visit the sweet pooch, and Jake immediately ran over to the window for some affection from Laryssa. We’re sure they’ll be best friends forever, despite the distance!

I'm not allowed a dog, so my neighbors built a window in my fence so I can pet theirs

I'm not allowed a dog, so my neighbors built a window in my fence so I can pet theirs

Posted by Bored Panda Animals on Wednesday, October 24, 2018