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Staff at London tube Station find a cat and her kittens living under an escalator

Workers found a cat and four kittens cat-happy
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A cat and her four kittens were discovered living under an escalator in one of London's busiest tube stations.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 26/03/2019, 17:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

The five furry surprises were found by contractors during recent renovation work at the station.

A speedy rescue

They called animal welfare, and Siobhan Trinnaman came to the rescue: She told the Daily Mail:

"Staff at the station said the escalator was due to start test runs at 6pm so I needed to get there quickly to ensure the cats were safe and there were no delays to the work."

"They were very concerned that if they remained there and the escalator was running they would be injured or killed."

She continued:

"I headed straight over there but the mum was nowhere to be seen.”

Siobhan managed to find the kittens, who were only a few days old. She said:

"I found the four tiny kittens and moved them to safety before setting a trap for the mum."

She took the newborns to a local animal hospital, and a few hours later she received another call from the station.

"I was concerned about the mum," she said. "But, thankfully, just a few hours later I got a call to say that she'd been safely trapped.”

A happy reunion

Mum has now be reunited with her babies at the RSPCA  hospital, where staff are still trying to locate the owner. Mum had a collar, but no microchip.

Staff have named the mum Elizabeth, while the four kittens, one girl and three boys, have all been named after London tube stations. They’re called Bow, Colin, Dale, and Earl.

UK owners are not obliged to have their cats microchipped, but many campaigners are calling for a change in the law. Meanwhile, many experts and pet charities strongly advise microchipping. It can cost as little as £14, and some charities will even do it for free.