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Wetherby goes barking mad for dog beauty pageant!

Dog pageant in Wetherby dog-happy
© Charlotte Graham Photography & Marcos Hirakawa - Facebook

Dogs from all over the UK are headed to Wetherby for the North of England’s first ever canine beauty pageant… and it looked like the best, most hilarious day ever!

By Alice Lang , 25 Mar 2019

Wannabe canine models from across the country made their way to Wetherby in West Yorkshire last weekend for the North of England’s first ever four-legged beauty pageant.

Dogs of all breeds, shapes, sizes, colours and ages were welcome to compete for the various awards and categories, including best male, best female and best rescue. That's what we like to hear!

And, it looks like they were totally pampered for the day! From extravagant princess dresses to eccentric neon hats, the dogs truly did look the part.

The doggy pageant was held for an amazing cause

Nope, it wasn't just for fun! Dog lover June Hodgkins organized the event to raise money for two wonderful charities - All Dogs Rescue in Kent, who care for elderly and special needs rescue dogs, and Knine and Kitty Care in Bradford, who take in homeless dogs and cats.

June has two pugs and two chihuahuas herself and said she’s always wanted to go to a dog show which is more fun than serious. Sounds great to us!

Speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post, she said: "I have always wanted to do a pageant but never got the opportunity until now. I have been ill and starting to feel a lot better and thought 'right, I am going to do it this year”

“It had all the elements, it makes you happy, feel good and it is interesting to see the other breeds that are taking part. Some shows you go to take it quite seriously and I wanted a show that was honest, everyone had a chance of winning and you could have a good laugh."

And it looks like everyone had a great day!

The dogs looked amazing, were pampered to the max and got plenty of love, treats and affection, while their owners proudly watched from the sidelines. On top of this, the event raised money for an amazing cause - you can’t get much better than that, hey?

Check out some of the hilarious and adorable photos below!