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Enola house fire: dramatic cat rescue

Firefighter saves cat from the fire cat-happy
© PennLive - Youtube

It wasn’t just the human occupants caught in the blaze of a two-story house last week who were thankful for the bravery of firefighters.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 25/03/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

Shortly after noon on March 22nd 2019 a fire quickly engulfed the Altoona Avenue apartments in the town of Enola, Pennsylvania.

Firefighters from the nearby 17 Precinct raced to the scene and began to douse the inferno, thought to have begun in a faulty fuse box.

According to MSN News, five adults and eight children were rescued from the fire injury-free. They are now being looked after by the Greater Pennsylvanian Red Cross.

But on subsequent searches of the property firefighters discovered that the rescued people were not the only occupants of the place.

Every life matters

One after another firefighters emerged from the building each cradling a cat.

At least five cats were rescued from the home,’ reports PennLive, ‘for one of the cats, a firefighter broke out an oxygen tank placed the mask over the cat’s muzzle. He gently stroked the cat, who soon came to.’

A similar story of heroism comes from the UK’s Evening Standard. In 2018 a fire broke out in a house in Croydon, south London. The human occupants, a queen cat and four of her litter were rescued but two kittens remained inside.

Risking life and limb two firefighters re-entered the property and after a tense few minutes brought forth the kittens which had been hiding beneath a pile of clothes. One fireman then administered oxygen to the little animals and attempted CPR.

Thankfully, both kittens regained consciousness,’ a spokesman for the London Fire Brigade said, ‘and they didn’t want to let go of the firefighters who came to their rescue. But after lots of care and cuddles, the RSPCA took them to the vet to be checked over.

Investigations into the cause of the Enola fire are still being carried out.