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Spring dog safety: This pup got stuck in a watering can!

Puppy gets head stuck in a watering can - the dangers of spring for dogs dog-wow
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We’re all happy to wave goodbye to dark and gloomy winter and welcome the glorious spring. But before you get out and enjoy the warmer weather, it’s important to consider your dog’s safety.

By Alice Lang , 25 Mar 2019

It’s true; temperatures are milder, flowers are blooming and the days are longer - spring has finally sprung!

And when you’ve got a dog, spring is an amazing time. You can take them to the beach, up in the mountains or out in the wild without the worry of them getting too cold or overheating. Winner!

But with spending more time outdoors comes lots of potential hazards and problems for your pooch, as Cassius, the 3-month-old Doberman puppy found out…

Cassius got stuck inside a watering can!

The adorable Doberman pooch was so eager to enjoy spring, that he managed to get himself in a pretty sticky situation!

While his owner Chloe was out and about tending to her plants, she left her water can out on the side. But curious Cassius couldn’t help but go over and explore...

“All of a sudden I heard this whimpering when I looked I could see his face stuck in the watering can. I tried to remove it but couldn’t. Luckily my daughter Mercedez was home from University so we jumped in the car and took him straight to PDSA.” Chloe said to Dogs Monthly.

When Cassius arrived at the pet hospital, it was clear he was extremely distressed and experiencing pain.

Tracy Lutwyche, Head Nurse at Hendon PDSA Pet Hospital, said “Once we were able to cut the can we removed it relatively easily and Cassius was ready to go home again after a few hours. He was a little sore and swollen, so we gave him some painkillers to help him with his recovery.”

Keep your dog safe this Spring!

When the sky is blue and the sun is shining, it can be hard to believe that anything bad could happen. So while you should totally get out and enjoy the warm weather, do make sure to keep a watchful eye on your pets.

Puppies, in particular, are super inquisitive and are sure to investigate anything you leave hanging around - including toxic fertilizers and slug pellets. It’s best to keep things like this locked away and out of reach if you can.

There are also toxic flowers - tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, lilies and crocus  (amongst others) are all beautiful but can make dogs very ill if ingested. It’s best to avoid having these in your garden and keep your dog away from them whilst out and about.

Make sure to check your pooch for ticks and fleas regularly during the springtime, too.

And, as we saw with Cassius, the least worrying things (such a watering can!) could potentially harm your dog. It’s impossible to avoid all dangers, so all you can do in these cases is keep a close eye on your dog and head to the vets if you suspect they’re injured or ill.

We hope you all enjoy the best season of them all and make some amazing (and safe!) memories with your canine buddy.