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Prince Harry visited a school and couldn't resist befriending their dog!

Prince Harry visits school and pets Winnie the dog dog-happy
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Prince Harry recently visited a primary school and couldn’t resist taking a minute to meet Winnie the dog!

By Alice Lang , 25 Mar 2019

Last week, the beloved 34-year-old Prince visited Acton to meet young students at St.Vincent’s Catholic Primary School. The visit was part of a royal initiatve to emphasize the importance of trees to the environment.

And it looked like a wonderful day! Prince Harry planted the roots of a tree and spent the afternoon hanging out with children. But, it seems that the kids weren’t the only ones who were excited about meeting the Prince...

Harry befriended the headteacher’s dog, Winnie

One of the school children was holding the headteacher’s adorable white pooch. Like the true dog lover he is, Harry just had to give her some attention.

The excitable pooch’s tail wagged from side to side as she licked and sniffed Harry’s hand. When Harry raised a finger to his mouth to jokingly shush the sweet dog, she immediately took note and sat quietly on the floor in awe!

His wife Meghan Markle is due to give birth next month. If Prince Harry’s soothing influence over dogs is anything to go by, we’re predicting that life as a Dad should be a breeze! 

It’s obvious that Meghan and Harry love dogs

It’s clear to see that the lovely royal couple adore dogs.

Since wedding Meghan, the couple have adopted their very own dog. Although they’re keeping the pup’s name on the down low for now, they’ve let it slip that the dog is a female Labrador Retriever. How adorable! 

And that’s on top of Meghan’s beloved rescue beagle, Guy. We’re predicting that another will be on the way in the next few years after they've settled into life as parents - they just won’t be able to resist!