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It's National Puppy Day - here's how you can celebrate!

National Puppy Day - Adopt don't shop dog-happy
© Berkay Gumustekin - Unsplash

Don’t know what to do today? Here are some great ways you can celebrate National Puppy Day!

By Alice Lang , 22 Mar 2019

A day to celebrate our tiny four-legged canine friends

If you’re a dog lover, you’ll probably agree that there’s nothing better than puppies. They’re fluffy, playful, cute, totally adorable and put a smile on our faces like nothing else!
Today is National Puppy Day and it’s time to celebrate puppies in all their forms, no matter what their gender, breed or colour.

The holiday was launched back in 2006 to, not only celebrate puppies, but to spread awareness of puppies in need of a home and the horrors of puppy mills.

How can you celebrate? Adopt, don’t shop!

All puppies and dogs deserve a loving forever home. If you’re looking for a new dog, we’d urge you to check out your local shelter rather than heading to a breeder or (what could be) a puppy mill. 
Why? Well, there are thousands of puppies waiting patiently in shelters across the country. All they want is someone to love them. As lovely and dedicated as shelter staff are, no puppy deserves to spend their first few months cooped up there. 

And when it comes to puppy mills, many are downright awful. Females are bred until they can’t conceive any more and often die giving birth. The breeding dogs and their puppies are often kept in horrible conditions, too.

While you may feel you’re helping out a puppy by adopting them from a low-quality puppy mill, you’re actually feeding demand. It’s best to avoid them completely and inform your local RSPCA if you’re concerned.
So, if you or someone you know is looking for their next canine companion, spread the message and head to the shelter! 

Other ways to celebrate National Puppy Day

Not everyone is looking for a new pup, so we’ve come up with some brilliant ways to celebrate this wonderful day:

  • Volunteer at your local shelter, or donate food and toys.
  • Help out an elderly neighbour or relative by walking their puppy or dog.
  • Have a puppy party - how fun would that be?!
  • Host an event to raise money for your local dog rescue centre.
  • Have a day dedicated to your puppy - play, walk and just have tons of fun together!

Puppies are the cutest!

The last way to celebrate, is, of course, look at pictures and videos of cute puppies on Instagram (not gonna lie, we pretty much do this everyday anyway...)


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