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This clever cat was desperate to poop, so he came up with the savviest solution

Cat spills over litter bag, poops in it anyway cat-wow
© Erik-Jan Leusink - Unsplash, 8080x - Reddit

If you ever thought cats were stupid, this will make you think twice! A clever kitty discovered the door to his litter box was shut but came up with the most hilarious fix…

By Alice Lang

Published on the 24/03/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:50

While cats have a good reputation for being clean, their problem-solving skills aren’t quite so well regarded. But this Reddit user’s cat has definietly proved that cats can actually be super savvy!

He was desperate for the toilet

Tino, a  British kitty, was desperate to ‘do his business’ when he discovered that his cat litter box door (high-tech, right?!) was locked. Damn it.
So, he had a few options. Do it on the floor? Hold it in? Meow desperately in the hope his owner would wake up?
We’re guessing that most cats in this situation would take the first option and just do their business on the floor. 

But this claw-ver cat had a better solution

Tino is clearly an intelligent little feline. After having a good ol’ think, he came up with a solution which worked for everyone (well, kinda).
After locating the litter bag, Tino knocked it on his side and managed to spill some litter right onto the floor. 
Then, he did his business in the spilt litter. Despite the fact his owner now had an even bigger mess to clean up (now you understand what we meant by ‘kinda’), we think Tino was pretty damn resourceful! It probably went something like this:
"Need poop. Oh, crap… litter box shut. No. No no nooooo. I needa go. Oh hell no. 

Options: Poop on bare floor? No! Kitty 2 good 4 that. Hold it in? Nope, I gotta go. Like, now.

Ah, litter bag! Yes! I can do dis! *Head butts litter bag*  YUS! I am a genius! Call me Einstein!"

Reddit has gone mad or the Einstein feline

The hilarious story has received over 18,000 upvotes on Reddit and some hilarious replies.
But we can see why - we love the fact this kitty went to such great lengths to act 'responsibly'! What a legend! Check out some of the best replies below:

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