New York courier takes permanent delivery of a hitchhiking pitbull-terrier

Courier adopts a shelter dog that jumps into his cab.
A pitbull-terrier mix has found a new home after a courier adopted him from a New York shelter. ©Pixabay

A New York courier who picked up a hitchhiker in Buffalo has taken the itinerant traveller into his family home. The hitcher, a pitbull-terrier mix named Ernie, was looking for a ride from Buffalo City Animal Shelter when UPS driver Jason Coronado showed up in his truck on the 5th of October.

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Although he left the dog at the shelter that day, the bond was made. The ‘Ernie effect’ dwelt on in Coronado’s mind until November, when he convinced his family that he and the dog should be together permanently.

Delivery of a full-grown dog

The attraction was instant. When Coronado pulled up at the Animal Shelter that autumn day, his attention was instantly captured by the tawny stray.

“[I] call him up to the truck, and he pretty much just hopped up in,” Coronado told Buffalo news outlet WKBW, “and I was like, ‘Okay.’

“He hopped up and just sat there and did not want to leave.”

But if Ernie’s re-homing instinct was on the money, it took several weeks for love to ring true through the highways and byways of New York State. Coronado had not intended to bring a dog into his life. But Ernie had dog appeal that just wouldn’t quit.

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“He is probably my idea of a perfect dog,” continues Coronado. “I wanted him to have a good home.”

And that’s just what Ernie got:

“He likes to sleep and lounge, and he likes to eat treats, and he’s just a big lap dog.”

The UPS man always rings twice

A love affair between a delivery professional and a dog may sound unlikely. Postmen and dogs have had a notorious clash of interests over the years.

But United Postal Service employees are known for their open-mindedness towards cross-species reconciliation.

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There’s even a Facebook Page that relates tales of daily encounters between UPS drivers and the dogs they meet.

“When you’re running into dogs all the time, it creates a bond when you see them every day,” UPS employee Sean McCarren told Huffington Post. “It’s cool to meet some of the same dogs on the route because they know who you are and they are excited to see you.”

Sometimes, just sometimes, that familiarity leads to a more permanent attachment.

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