Neglected puppies have been saved from a dogfighting ring in Kansas


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Sad dog behind face at dog fighting site
Neglected dog in dog fighting operation. ©Shutterstock

Trapped in small, dirty, kennels or tied up with metal chains with no food or water. That was the life of a litter of puppies found in a horrifying dog fighting ring in Kansas – until they were rescued by the ASPCA last week.

Perhaps the saddest part of this story is that these cute puppies, who had been segregated from their mother, would eventually have been forced into a fighting ring. From there, they would fight other innocent pups – to the death.

45 neglected dogs found on Kansas property

But it wasn’t just puppies who were found on the site in Bendena, Kansas. In total, 45 dogs – some injured and starving – were rescued when ASPCA officers went to the property to collect evidence that an illegal dogfighting ring was operating.

And their suspicions were right – the group discovered a multitude of dogfighting paraphernalia. Operations director for ASPCA, Joel Lopez, said in the Dodo: “...paraphernalia associated with dogfighting are treadmills used to condition dogs. And some of the chains are also designed to build endurance and strength.”

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Lopez explained that the dogs were kept in inadequate conditions, and it seemed that none of the dogs had received any medical care to help with their painful injuries. “Dogfighting is all about making money,” Lopez said. “It’s about treating dogs as a commodity, and not as living creatures.

Happy adult dog saved from dog fighting
Dog is happy after being saved from a dog fighting group ©ASPCA

9 puppies saved from a life of cruelty

Lopez said the puppies were “…living outside, separated from their mothers at an early age. They appeared to be emaciated. Some of those dogs required IV fluids prior to transport.”

Thankfully, although most of the adult dogs had experienced some degree of fighting, the puppies hadn’t. The officers were overjoyed to be able to save them from a life which could have otherwise been painful, cruel and lonely.

“They won’t need to learn what’s it’s like to fight in a ring for survival, and be chained up in a yard, and fight for survival there as well, with limited food and resources to be healthy and happy,” Lopez said.

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9 puppies behind fence at dog fighting site
9 puppies saved from dog fighting group in Kansas ©ASPCA

Two suspects arrested – but things are looking good for the pups

Two individual have already been arrested on suspicion of operating the dogfighting ring in question and are facing multiple charges. All the dogs and puppies saved from the illegal dogfighting ring have been taken to a safe location to be monitored closely by a team of vets and animal behaviourists. They’ll be given the best possible chance of recovery by the team, and will, hopefully, go on to lead full, happy lives in a forever home.

Dogfighting is an ongoing problem is the US – with hundreds of thousands of dogs believed to be a part of an illegal dogfighting ring. But thanks to organisations like the ASPCA, the industry is slowly but surely being shut down. Want to help them out? Make a donation by clicking here.

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