Neglected Poodle was starved for so long, he forgot how to eat

A lady walking down the street got a nasty shock when she looked through a window. She discovered a neglected poodle that looked just like a skeleton, starving and in a terrible state.

Rescue of neglected dogs

A lady in Tampa, Florida, got a real nasty shock as she was walking down the street. She glanced into a front window of a property and thought she spotted something rather unusual. Surely that couldn’t be a poodle dog? The poor dog looked just like a skeleton, very thin and looking unwell.  Her immediate response was to go home and to call animal control. When the officers arrived and made their entry into the house, they made a terrible discovery. They realised that there were three dogs inside, all of them starving and in a state of neglect. As a result of their poor health, two of the dogs died very soon after their rescue. Only one survived the poodle that had been noticed through the window.

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Beni the neglected Poodle

First of all, the dog was taken to a local shelter. Staff worked hard to help him but he was in very poor condition. The poodle hardly had any fur and was suffering from a nasty skin infection. As a result of his neglect, he was severely emaciated and very sick. Not only did he have diabetes but also a tumour on his foot. It seems like euthanasia was the only answer. Fearing the worst, the shelter circulated an email about Beni the Poodle, asking for help.

Neglected Poodle finds a saviour

This email arrived into the inbox of a lady named Goldsberry, who ran a shelter for 26 other rescued dogs. She could see that she was the last hope for the neglected dog. She arranged for a Vet to look at Beni, and to begin treatment. The poor dog appeared to have forgotten how to eat. They placed food into his mouth, but he had been starved of food for so long, his body wasn’t sure how to process it. As a result of caring persistence, Beni somehow managed to survive. Volunteers drove him to Fort Myers, and to the rescue centre of Goldsberry.

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Yesterday we gave Beni’s blood glucose reading to his Dr . He has very wide ranges still . Reading are from 50 to over 500 i one day with out a change in his diet or timing of care . We are being very diligent on staying within time for Readings , food etc to try to get a good idea of how much insulin he is requiring . He is on 4 Units at 9 am and 9 pm. Eating two whole cans of food daily ( THANK YOU LCDAS FOR THE DONAYION TO HELP BENI of 2 full cases ) we are testing his globose 3 times a day 9 am , 2pm and 9 pm . At 2 pm He gets a very small snack of dry W/D Beni is happy , tail Wags , loves everyone he meets but he’s not out of the woods . With low glucose and then extremely high gloucose he can suffer organ damage , go into shock and seizures .. know that we are still staying in close contact with his doctor , we have a journal On his daily habits etc and he has everyone still doing all we know to do to help him into a better life ! Beni has a support team , far and wide .

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Ongoing care for the neglected Poodle

Of course, Beni wasn’t out of the woods yet!  His health was monitored closely while his treatment continued. He was fed very small amounts of food because he would vomit if given too much. As a diabetic dog, he would be expected to drink lots of water, but with Beni, this wasn’t the case. He often refused to drink. Due to the ongoing care that Beni was receiving, his health was improving. His diabetes is now more stabilised and he has a shiny, black coat. Goodness knows what terrible things he has had to cope with through his past 9 years. The good news is that Beni is improving each day. Certainly, he seems happy to play with toys, and always has a wagging tail!

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