Meghan Markle’s dog, Guy the Beagle, has written an emotional story about life as a Royal

The remarkable and amusing tale based on the real-life story of the Royal pooch, His Royal Dogness. Believe it or not, but Meghan Markle’s dog, Guy the Beagle has written this book!

OK, so we all know our dogs are very clever, but could your pet put pen to paper and “write” a novel? This true story, reveals how Guy the Beagle’s fortunes changed when he was adopted by Meghan. His new book, released on 20 November is expected to be a best seller.

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Guy the Beagle’s true story

The former homeless, beagle dog, lived in Kentucky where he was set to be put down. That is, until his lucky day, when none other but Meghan Markle spotted him at a Rescue Centre in 2015. First of all, he set up home with Meghan in Ontario, Canada before moving with her to Kensington Palace just before her wedding day. He now lives happily with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in royal splendour.


His Royal Dogness, Guy the Beagle

This emotional, heart-warming story takes the Beagle’s approach on his arrival at Kensington Palace. Written by Camille March and Michael Brumm and illustrated with fantastic images by E.G. Keller. His tale begins in the woodlands of Kentucky, where he is soon discovered and taken to Canada by a “nice young lady”. Guy soon settles into his new home and loves nothing more than curling up on the sofa watching many episodes of the TV drama “Suits”.

Guy’s life was soon to change though when a certain royal suitor named Harry arrived on the scene. Debonair, tall and with the same coloured hair as a traffic cone, Harry fell in love with Meghan. The trio moved into Kensington Palace, where Guy was rather confused by the royal guards who appeared to have black poodles on their heads. A head-to-head with two of the Queen’s corgis soon follows. However, the tale finishes with a happy ending for Guy. Queen Elizabeth II shows her acceptance of the Kentucky Beagle by allowing him to ride in her Royal car.


A right royal dog’s life

Guy the Beagle is currently living the high life at Kensington Palace with Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But will his nose be pushed out of place next spring, when the new royal baby arrives on the scene? Do we feel a sequel to the book appearing very soon?

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