Meet the dog who knows how to ice skate — and is trying to attract the attention of the NHL

Benny, the ice skating dog
Golden Labrador Benny ©pixabay

A gorgeous rescued Labrador named Benny is probably the world’s first dog that can ice skate! Rescued at just a few months old by his new owner, a professional ice skater herself, has trained him to become skilled on the ice.

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Benny the Ice Skating Dog

Cheryl Del Sangro discovered Benny, the lovable Labrador dog at a shelter in Utah, Las Vegas. Unfortunately, he was destined for euthanasia. She knew as soon as she clapped eyes on him, that he was destined to come home with her. Cheryl, who had previously trained other dogs, spotted immediately that Benny was quite agile and very smart and for that reason, probably able to ice skate.

Dog takes Ice Skate Lessons

Benny was taken to the ice rink, where he initially had a great time playing on the ice, chasing after the pucks. Cheryl herself is a retired, professional ice skater with more than 20 years’ experience. She recognised that the 6-year-old Labrador had great potential. Benny now skates and trains at the Las Vegas ice rink every 2 weeks. His skating repertoire includes bunny hops, crossovers and turns on the ice as well as many other tricks.

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The Champion ice skater

With the help of a Canadian, dog boot company and a local shoemaker, Cheryl designed and came up with a pair of dog ice skates. While his back paws provide traction on the ice, Benny wears the skates on his front feet. Certainly, from the very first time on the ice, he began to skate. Spectators watching from the side of the rink were astonished, and couldn’t believe how much the Labrador enjoyed being on the rink. His tail was wagging almost the whole time.


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Hoping for a great future

Benny’s owner is hoping that her skating dog has a talented future with the NHL professional ice hockey team. She is trying to attract the attention of the Las Vegas Golden Knights.  The dog would be an amazing addition to the line-up on game nights at the ice rink. After all, who doesn’t want to see the first ice skating canine in the world?

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