Meet Kimchi – the blind dog with his very own guide dog.


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blind dog gets help from his dog friend
Beautiful bond between a blind dog and his dog friend. ©John Price. Unsplash

Kimchi is a blind Cavalier King Charles spaniel who has his very own guide dog. His guide and new best friend is a golden retriever called Ginger, and the two have developed a very special bond.

Rescued off the streets

Not so long ago, things weren’t looking good for ten-year-old Kimchi. Abandoned on the streets of the Philippines, he was malnourished, covered in fleas, and already going blind. Luckily, a local volunteer from CARA Welfare Philippines saw Kimchi and took him to a local animal rescue centre. From there, he was spotted by Eric and Thea Suguitan. The couple took a real shining to Kimchi, and so did their 13-year-old golden retriever Ginger. Talking about when the pair for the first time, Thea told LAD Bible:“Ginger rejected all the other dogs, until we came across Kimchi.”

Best of Friends

Seeing how the pair got on so well, their owners decided to tie them together whenever it was time for walkies. It was initially meant to stop Kimchi from wandering off, but it wasn’t long before Ginger started taking the lead, carefully guiding his new best friend away from trouble. Since then, the two have become inseparable, creating one of the cutest double acts you’re ever likely to see.

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Their owner Eric is now a speaker for CARA, the animal rescue agency that helped saved Kimchie. He gives talks on responsible pet ownership to schools and other institutions, promoting the idea of adopting a pet rather than shopping for one. As Eric says“Kimchi is the sweetest, most loving dog and this is definite proof that you don’t need to raise a dog from a pup to get his loyalty, affection, and love.”

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Celebrity Pooches

He takes Ginger and Kimchi along with him whenever she speaks, and the two of them are now CARA AmbassaDOGS. Since then, the two have featured in blogs, magazines, and even TV shows. Given how cute they are, it’s really no surprise!

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Ashley is a freelance writer based in Manchester, UK. When he's not writing, he enjoys reading, martial arts and meditation. Unfortunately he doesn't have the space or the time to own a dog, so he volunteers as as dog buddy, which basically means he'a a dog babysitter. He walks them, feeds them, and generally just chill out with them. It's awesome.