Coward Man Kills Dog And Poses For A Trophy Photo

What is wrong with some people these days?

This is unreasonable. This man murdered a dog and then proudly shared his trophy photo on social media to show folks what a cowardly and heartless person he truly is. In the picture, he is holding the dead body of a dog by its tail.

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Not only that, but he’s actually smiling for the picture as if he’s done the world a big favor.

It has also been revealed that the man in the picture dislikes dogs and wants all of them to disappear. After he killed the dog he even stated that the world has one less dog. Why does he dislike dogs? Mainly because his neighbors keep allowing their dogs to go loose regardless of how many times he’s asked them not to.

This 31 year old man lives in Zgorigrad – Vratsa, Bulgaria. Authorities have filed charges against the man after the picture went viral on the web.

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Have a look at this picture:


The man may be penalized with a fine, along with 5 years of prison time if found guilty. However, the truth is that – in Bulgaria – animal abusers walk free more often than not. But we can make sure that this man doesn’t.

Please don’t forget to sign this petition so Bulgarian authorities can set one good example out of this man, and deliver a message to everyone that animal cruelty will never be accepted.

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