‘Look what the cat dragged in’: Feline brings home bag of drugs, surprising owner

Feline brings home bag of drugs
Look what the cat dragged in – feline brings home bag of drugs. ©pixabay

A Cat owner in St, Pauls, Bristol was amazed to find their pet curled up next to a stash of illicit drugs. It seems that the feline went out on the prowl overnight, and returned home with a bag of drugs!

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A shocking discovery

Once the owner realised what it was that his pet had dragged home, they immediately called the Police. As a result, authorities tweeted the incredible news, together with an image of the drugs. The picture shows a plastic bag containing the stash of probably 30, individually wrapped purple and white powders. With an estimated street value of around £300, it’s thought the bag of Class A drugs contained heroin and crack cocaine.

Look what the cat dragged in!

Social media reports went crazy, with Avon and Somerset Police praising the cat for finding the bag of drugs. Their tweet “Forget police dogs, we should start training up cats,” also caused quite a reaction.  Their post was retweeted many times. As expected, there were also several humorous reactions too. One comment “had the moggy sampled any of them, the results could have been catastrophic” poked fun at the timely discovery.

Feline brings home bag of drugs
Feline finds bag of drugs ©Avon.and.Somerset.Constabulary. Facebook

No idea where the bag of drugs came from

A spokesperson for the Police authority stated that they certainly had no means of knowing where the cat discovered the stash. As a result, no arrests have been made to date. The safety of the cat and the owner, remain the utmost priority in the case. A more serious warning was also issued to locals and anyone concerned about any drugs or relative crimes in the region. A report to Crimestoppers, can be made anonymously at any time. It certainly makes a change to a cat bringing home a surprise gift of a bird or a mouse!

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