Little boy Buddy and Reagan the dog became best friends forever the moment they met

Every kid dreams of having a dog for a pet. When Buddy met Reagan the puppy dog, they soon became best friends together.

Friends together

Buddy, a cute 11-month-old toddler was lovingly cared for by his foster grandparents. Being dog lovers, they decided to adopt a pup that they hoped would grow up with Buddy. They thought that a young puppy was the best choice. Dogs are very affectionate creatures who can help with the child’s overall development. A dog can become a kid’s teacher, protector, entertainer and of course, a best friend. The foster parents brought Reagan the dog home and introduced him to the child. An instant bond was formed between Buddy and the pup.

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Every child’s dream to have a dog as a best friend

Reagan the pup, would follow the little boy everywhere. When the kid took a nap, the dog would lie patiently outside his bedroom door. When they were both awake, they loved to create mischief together, especially jumping on the bed! They even went on days out together and had more adventures. Sandi, the boy’s foster carer, captured their antics on camera. She decided to post the images on social media to raise awareness and to collect funds for foster care organisations. These videos and pictures are now helping lots of less fortunate children.

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Waking up to a #newyear! Do your #happydance like @reagandoodle & his little Buddy! Have you ever seen such joy? #reagandoodle #reaganandbuddy #ReaganDoodleAndLittleBuddy #Happy2018 everyone!

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reagan and buddy ©instagram

A dog is a great companion

A pup makes a trusted friend for any child. Whenever they’re feeling nervous, stressed or even sad, a snuggly cuddle with a dog can work wonders. Having a pet at home not only teaches the children important lessons about caring for others but also makes growing up together a lot more fun.

Make a life-changing choice; get your kids a new doggy best friend!

Little Boy And His Dog Became BFFs The Second They Met

There’s nothing like the bond between a kid and his first dog 💞

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