A Woman Dragged Her Dead Dog In The Street And Left him Behind

It had been an ordinary morning walk when this dog suddenly collapsed and passed away, his owner's reaction however was very alarming..

The dead dog in London street.

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A lady was seen pulling a dead dog along the street and then attempting to abandon his body.

It was a Monday morning when this girl had been strolling with her two dogs. Her Labrador appeared to be extremely exhausted. He suddenly collapsed while they were walking. A camera then captured the woman dragging the dead dog along the street, not even asking for help. Passers-by were all stunned by the sight of the dead Labrador getting dragged along.

One passer-by said that the dog’s owner verbally abused her when she made an effort to help the black Labrador, who is considered to have passed away because of a health problem.

The dead Labrador after the owner left him in the street.

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The passer-by is a 26-year-old woman who lives and works in London and wished to remain unnamed. She explained that the dog’s owner cursed the moment she hurried up to help the weak dog. She described that the dog in the beginning appeared to be lying down, but after examining him they realized that he was dead.

After reasoning and arguing with her, she unclipped the dead dog’s collar and walked away, leaving the dead dog behind. All of the eyewitnesses were in absolute shock.

The RSPCA verified that there had been no dubious conditions with regard to the sad incident, while the Metropolitan Police stated that there will be no further police measures needed after authorities had removed the animal’s body from the street.

RSPCA rescuer checking the dead dog.

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It had been reported that the dog had gone to the vet not long ago, and was appointed to return the next Monday. This really must have been extremely upsetting for the dog’s owners and we understand that it really must have been alarming as well as disturbing for the public who saw what happened, especially when the body was left in the street.

Our condolonces to the poor dog. Please don’t forget to share this to everyone.