It’s National Pit Bull Awareness Day – here are 5 things to know about pit bull dogs!

pit bull
It’s National Pit Bull Awareness Day! ©Vitor Fontes on Unsplash

If there’s one thing that’s for sure when it comes to pit bulls, it’s that they’re misunderstood. They carry an image of danger and fear, but in reality, make a loving, sweet and loyal family pet. Today, we’re celebrating National Pit Bull Awareness Day with 5 things to know about pit bull dogs.

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Most people think pit bulls are bullies – but it’s simply not true. National Pit Bull Awareness Day, which has been running since 2007, exists to challenge the stereotypes and ease the stigma surrounding these lovely pups.

We love pit bulls and think you should too! To help you understand this confused breed, we’ve piled together 5 things to know about pit bull dogs. You never know, you might even be convinced to adopt one as your next pet – trust us, they really do deserve it!

#1 – Pit bulls need lots of exercise and playtime

If you have ever owned another terrier breed, you’ll know how much energy they have. They need an outlet for all their energy – especially while they’re young.

We think they make great companions for those who love walking, running and getting out in the wild. A pit bull dog will be up for climbing, hiking, and any type of sport – which makes them super fun pets!

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#2 – Pit bulls aren’t as aggressive as their reputation suggests

Pit bulls are stereotypically seen as big, bad, bully dogs – but it’s time these sweet animals were appreciated for who they really are. A well-trained and loved pit bull is likely to be as pleasant as any other dog breed, but one who hasn’t had the best life and hasn’t been trained may have behavioural problems. However, that goes for all dog breeds.

The American Temperament Test Society conducted tests on a number of dog breeds temperament. They discovered that all pit bulls passed with a rate of 82% or higher, whereas the general dog population passed at 77% or higher. This proves that pit bulls are very calm, well-behaved dogs when part of a loving home.

#3 – Pit bulls are eager to please

pit bull
Pit bulls love to make their family smile! ©Pixabay

Pit bulls have such a bad rep, but it simply doesn’t make sense. Truthfully, this breed is inherently eager to please their owners and will do anything to make their family happy. For this reason, pit bulls tend to be fantastic in any form of performance sport.

Like any other terrier, pit bulls can be stubborn before they’re trained. But once they’re trained well, you’re unlikely to experience any behavioural problems whatsoever. In fact, it’s almost a pit bull’s hobby to do anything which will put a smile on their owner’s face!

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#4 – Pit bulls are easy to care for

Pit bulls need a lot of attention and emotional care, as all pets do. However, in terms of grooming and health, they’re one of the easier dog breeds to take care of. Their short, normal shedding coats don’t need anything more than an occasional brush. On top of this, pit bulls aren’t prone to any genetic disorders and they don’t grow to bigger than around 60 pounds.

#5 – Pit bulls love cuddles

Yes, you heard right – pit bulls love nothing more than a good old cuddle! One of the biggest misconceptions about this charming breeds is that they are aggressive. But really, they’re super affectionate and sweet.

Pit bulls were bred to have a strong loyalty and affection towards humans, which is still a major part of their personality today. They thrive on human interaction and have a close emotional bond with their families. Thanks to their loving personalities, pit bulls are regularly used as therapy dogs in hospitals and nursing homes.

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