Husky reunited with family after 1,200 mile “adventure!”

A missing Husky from Brooklyn, New York, mysteriously reappeared in Florida!

Sinatra went walkabouts in March last year. It wasn’t unusual for the Husky pup to go on little adventures, and his owners weren’t particularly worried. Speaking to ABC news, Lesmore Willis Jr. said: “Sinatra was known for sneaking out of the gate. When we got a delivery, he made his move.”

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Sinatra goes missing

Sinatra usually returned home within the hour, but this time was different. His concerned family plastered missing posters around the local neighbourhood and animal rescue centre.

18 months passed with no word on Sinatra. The Willis family began to give up hope.

Meanwhile, 1,200 miles away in Tampa, Florida, Rose Verril came across an energetic and friendly husky. Fearing it was lost, she took the husky home to her family. Sinatra soon made himself comfortable. Denise Verril said, “The first night he got in our bed!”

The Verrill family took Sinatra to a rescue shelter, where they discovered he’d been microchipped. The only name linked to the chip was a Willis Les. Denise Verril started researching and soon found a Lesmore Willis Jr. We saw he was in Brooklyn and thought it was a long-shot,” she said. “We said ‘just for giggles we will reach out to him.”

Sinatra comes home

After exchanging messages and a photo, it became clear they’d located the right owner.

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Lesmore Willis Jr. was lost for words when he realised that Sinatra was alive and well. Then he was shocked by just how far his beloved Husky had travelled: “The last thing I thought was that he would end up in Florida. He’s a husky, so I thought he would end up North.”

Sinatra has been reunited with his family, but the details of his adventure remains a mystery!

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