Here are some key tips for training your cute puppy!

puppy tips for your new pup
You have a new puppy? Here are a few tips for you ©️Pixabay

Looking for some new puppy tips? There are a few golden rules when it comes to welcoming a dog into your home. Welcome puppy – here are your new home tips!

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House-training tips for a new puppy

One of the tips most people ask for when it comes to a new puppy is how to go about house-training. How do you explain to a four-month-old puppy that your living room carpet shouldn’t provide the same relief as the lawn outside?

It all starts with a deep breath of puppy love and tolerance. Like any baby, s/he’s going to make mistakes at the start – and look very, very sorry about it. But the good news is that dogs, naturally (normally), don’t like to dirty their own environment. Once your puppy starts to understand your subtle tips that inside is “home” and outside isn’t, house-training will simply become a question of bladder strength, which increases with age.

Puppy tip: if you – literally – catch pup in the act, simply take them outside and leave them there for a few minutes, even if the accident has already happened. Repeatedly doing this every time, or at the merest hint of a squat, will help the puppy understand that nature should take place in nature. Not behind your TV.

Puppy tips: missing mum

Another understandable concern when it comes to welcoming a new puppy into your home is how to deal with (weaned) whimpering. Of course your puppy misses their mum and the rest of the family, but they need to learn to love their new one just as much!

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The most important tip when it comes to a new puppy is not to give in to crying at night. And it’s going to be hard, there’s no getting around it. Make sure your puppy has a safe, cosy space that they can make their own and can’t be disturbed in. Even if you don’t like crates, they can be excellent for creating a welcoming space for puppy at the start (closed or open is up to you). Cover with blankets to create a really snug nest that your puppy will want to curl up and snooze in, and leave them there at night.

Puppy tip: Don’t let them into your bedroom at night – this is the most important tip when it comes to a new puppy. If you do, they’ll keep coming in every evening, and will cry continuously if you don’t let them. For the first few nights, it’ll be tough, but don’t give in. It’s worth it, and provides your puppy with a structure, a space of their own, and clear rules.

Tips for socialising a new puppy

When it comes to socialising new puppy tips, some people worry about over-exposing him/her to larger, older and potentially aggressive peers, while others have the opposite concern: not introducing their new puppy to enough other dogs. First, make sure your new puppy is vaccinated. Then it’s time to meet the world…

Puppies need to socialise with other dogs, that’s not even a tip, it’s a given. And while it can be stressful simply allowing pup to bounce towards any other dog s/he sees, it’s vitally important. Meeting other dogs will show your puppy how to behave. Just like humans, we learn from group dynamics and interacting with others.

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Puppy tip: A puppy can be boisterous, clumsy and impolite (in doggy terms), which is why s/he might get the occasional growl or bark from older friends. It’s a way of putting puppy in their place, and it is important for a well-socialised, respectful animal. Let the other dogs show your puppy how to behave correctly, and do the discipline for you!

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