Heartless man dumps innocent dog with a broken leg on stranger’s doorstep

Dog receives care after being dumped on a doorstep with a broken leg
A dog was dumped outside a stranger’s door with injuries. ©Olimpik, Shutterstock

An innocent dog with a broken leg was abandoned outside the door of a complete stranger’s house by a selfish man. The incident has been captured on CCTV footage – and now, the hunt is on to find him.

Would you be able to leave the side of a terrified dog who was suffering from untreated injuries? Or, even worse, dump them on someone’s doorstep? No – but that’s exactly what this man – who is yet to be identified – shamelessly did at 11 pm last Friday.

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Shocking CCTV footage revealed the truth

After hearing suspicious noises, the owners of the house cautiously investigated the scene and to their surprise, a white female lurcher called Snow White was found on their doorstep.

RSPCA inspector, Phil Norman, said in the Metro: “They found the dog left on their doorstep and witnessed a car leaving the scene. The dog was very frightened and had a nasty open fracture to one of her rear legs.

Dog dumped on doorstep by man suffers broken leg
Snow White suffered injuries to her rear leg ©RSPCA

Snow White had a bone quite literally poking through her fur – an injury which is often seen in illegal hare coursing. When the inspector went to collect the petrified dog, the CCTV footage had been reviewed by the residents.

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In the footage, Inspector Norman explained that “The man can be seen walking up the drive with the dog, onto the doorstep, and then turning around to leave the dog behind. He appears to be dressed in dark clothes with white trainers and a white baseball cap on.

The dog is in the safe hands of the RSPCA

The dog, who is being treated and cared for at the RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital, is thought to be about five-years-old. Amanda Rooney, who works at the hospital, spoke about her injuries “Snow White has a nasty open fracture to her hind leg and the bone is sticking out, it’s awful.

She’s been on painkillers while x-rays and tests are carried out. We’re hoping to save the leg by repairing the break with a metal plate but we’re concerned about the infection so it’s touch and go at the moment as to whether she may need an amputation.

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Dog receives care after being dumped on doorstep by man
Snow White is in the safe hands of the RSPCA Putney ©RSPCA

The staff described Snow White as sweet, gentle, and friendly. “Thankfully, she’s safe now and is in the best place. We’ll make sure she gets lots of TLC until she’s back on her paws and then we’ll find her the perfect home” Amanda added.

The RSPCA call for enquiries

The RSPCA released a still image from the CCTV in an attempt to trace the man responsible “I’d appeal to anyone who recognises him or the dog to get in touch with us on 0300 123 8018. We’d like to hear from anyone who may be able to assist in our enquiries.”

CCTV shows dog being dumped with a broken leg by man
The RSPCA revealed this heartbreaking footage of a man dumping the dog ©RSPCA

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