Happy National Dog Day!

National Dog Day
Happy National Dog Day. ©️Samantha Scholl. Unsplash

Today is the day we honour the love we have for our beautiful furry friends. The National Dog day celebrates all breeds, dogs that work hard to save lives, keep us safe and bring daily comfort.

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Why do we celebrate National Dog Day? Just because dogs put their lives on the line everyday for us. They follow the police forces, soldiers, lifeguards. They are the best companions for blind or disabled people, save our lives by detecting bombs, drugs and guns and rescuing people who are in danger. Dogs do a lot for humans, so use this day to thank them for everything they do for us.

How to celebrate the National Dog Day?

There are many ways to celebrate Dog day. You could for example rehome a dog or a puppy, give a wonderful grooming session or even buy matching shirts. Share the love for these beautiful creatures by posting a picture of your furry friend on social media.

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We will honour National Dog Day by posting five funny pictures of dogs. Please share the love.

Picture 1: Igor aka Mr. Tiger Prawn

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©️ staff.igor.geous

Picture 2: Bruce

©️ blogofbruce

Picture 3: The Flying Ears Beagle

Une publication partagée par 🇫🇷MJ The Flying Ears Beagle 🇫🇷 (@mj_the_beagle) le

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©️ mj_the_beagle

Picture 4: Narcos

©️ narcos_cockerspaniel

Picture 5: Geko

©️ shiba_geko

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