This German Shepherd Had So Much Fun He’s Too Tired to Get out of the Pool!

The life of an energetic pup looks exhausting. We see them play, chase each other and run around all day – and sometimes it seems like they’ll never get tired!

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Eventually, though, they play until they physically can’t go on, and this can make for a pretty hilarious sight.

An adorable video has surfaced of Major – an utterly exhausted German Shepherd, chilling out by the side of his pool.

After a full day of activities, Major’s owner found him curled up on the steps of their pool, too tired to move, let alone climb out of the water.

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In the video, you can see Major resting his head on the edge of the pool while his hind legs dangle lazily in the water.

Throughout the video, this pup looks extremely content while his brothers look on curiously.

Don’t worry though, Major’s exhaustion was the result of a fun-filled day. He’s in no danger as long as he’s being supervised by his mom.

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For German Shepherds in particular, pool play and water exercises are a fantastic way to keep your pup fit and healthy – especially when they reach an older age.

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