Frank D’Agostino’s good dog tosses perfect alley-oops, goes viral

A german shepherd contemplating her next alley-oop.
A german shepherd has wowed the basketball world, the social mediaverse, and the dog press. ©Pixabay

A German Shepherd has learned to toss inch-perfect alley-oops to a human friend – a new member of the Harlem Globetrotters.

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Koa, three, aka ‘Steph Furry,’ has gone viral with her precise basketball assists. And it’s not the first time this very good dog has hit the headlines. You might know her from previous videos in which she herself was netting those baskets.

Frank D’Agostino’s dog

Everybody knows Koa is Frank D’Agostino’s dog. She was just three months old when Frank D’Agostino rescued her. But while Frank D’Agostino and his friends knew she could make a shot in a 10-foot basket, nobody had thought to train her to assist.

That’s where Max Pearce comes in.

The 2018 Dark Horse Dunk Winner and CEO of The Flynance Organization (Mission: To provide all student athletes with the skills and resources necessary to succeed both in sports and all other professions) already knew the power of viral. Pearce has counted 66 million hits on a video of him windmill-dunking a friend in a neighbourhood park. He had a new idea for a trick that would make him and Steph Furry viral once again.

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“I was at my friend’s [Frank D’Agostino’s] house, and he was like, ‘Let’s see if you and my viral dog can go viral with each other,’ Pearce told GQ. “I had met the dog before, so I was already familiar with her, and then we added that little handshake in.

“[T]he first time I threw the pass, she head butted it backwards into the fence, but that was because I threw a bad pass to her. The second time I threw a better pass and she lobbed it perfectly and I was able to get it down.”

Viral success for Steph Furry

The video now has nearly 110,000 Instagram views. It’s been covered by major news organisations and widely in the dog press.

And Pearce, who has just signed a one-year contract with exhibition basketball team the Harlem Globetrotters, has indicated he has plans to pair up with Koa again.

It is not known whether Pearce will invite the Globetrotter’s talent scouts along to assess his canine point guard.

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