Forget the jokes; this sketch about dogs in wigs is priceless

Saturday Night Live first aired in 1975. The comedy of the US show isn’t to everyone’s taste, but a recent sketch written by and starring Jonah Hill and Cecily Strong has tweaked the funny bones (and probably broken the hearts) of millions of squashed-faced dog lovers all over the world.

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Sonja Vegamonté (Strong) and Damien Regulanté (Hill) introduce themselves as breeders of pugs, but Sonja talks about the breed in less than favourable terms. ‘You wished they were more handsome and refined-looking,’ she says, and with those words we are led seamlessly into a Saturday Night Live sketch about pug wigs.

Arguably, pugs aren’t to everyone’s taste. Their unusual looks often force them to the bottom of the canine beauty scale, but tonight ‘Sonja and Damien’ show us how the addition of a pug wig can send them ‘from zero to ten in a flash’.

Bring on the models!

First we have Magnolia the pug sporting a Marilyn Monroe wig from the ‘Legends of Cinema’ line. Then Harriet wears a Rachel Green wig from the ‘Girl Next Door’ wig range, leading Damien to comment that Harriet is now ‘very dateable’.

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Humphrey is the next pug model. He wears an Ed Sheeran wig from the shop’s ‘Rockin’ Wig’ line. ‘He’s in love with the shape of his pug wig,’ declares Damien. After Humphrey, Olive is shown off in a Tina Turner wig and is ‘feeling her confidence,’ according to Sonja.

The sketch ends with the arrival of Dana Simpson (played by Kenan Thompson) who carries two dogs that have had a makeover at his ‘Boy Pug Beard and Goatee’ boutique.

It may be the kind of comedy skit that has been written before, but the funniness of this piece doesn’t come from the writing: it comes from the putting of wigs on pugs. Whether you’re a fan of straight-laced humour or of slapstick, this sketch should not fail to bring a smidgen of smileage to your day.

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Nick John Whittle lives and works in Birmingham, UK. He is a specialist copywriter, journalist and theatre critic. Over the years Nick’s family has owned dogs, cats, rodents and birds. The history of animal domestication and of people’s relationship with their pets over the centuries interests him a lot. He cares greatly about the welfare of both feral and domesticated animals and supports ongoing protection of endangered species.