For or against banning electric collar to avoid dogs from barking?

Electric dog collar
A labrador wearing an electric collar to avoid barking. ©️Shutterstock

More and more countries are willing to ban the usage of electric dog collars used to avoid barking. Should this be something all countries must put in place?

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In the United Kingdom, Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, has recently announced his intention to ban the sale of anti-bark collars, including electrostatic collars.

Used to prevent dogs from barking, these anti-barking collars send an electric discharge with more or less intense to the animal or spray an unpleasant squirt (lemongrass, mustard, etc.). This procedure is used to associate the bark to a troublesome reaction. Attached to the dog’s neck, these necklaces equipped with a box, sets off at the vibration of the vocal cords or by the use of a remote control, and can act for several seconds without interruption. The dog, is usually surprised or embarrassed by the discharge or the smell of the product and will assimilate the bark to an embarrassment or sometimes pain, and this is supposed to stop them from barking.

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An animal protection procedure

However, the electric shock can cause pain that, if extended, can cause injury to the animal, both physically and mentally. And, while this device is supposed to improve the behaviour of dogs, it can in some cases aggravate disorders, and does not always solve the cause barking. Indeed, if the dog barks, there is a reason behind it, where it is your job to understand why the dog is barking. If necessary seek the help of a veterinarian or canine behaviourist.

Wales and Scotland have already banned dog owners from using anti-barking collars. But it’s up to the British government to legislate a ban on their sales throughout the country. In Switzerland, the Federal Council has recently adopted several rules prohibiting, among other things, the various anti-barking technology tools. Should all the countries follow the same path? This is, without a doubt, the wish of all animal welfare associations.

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