Firefighters rescued a dog stuck for more than 30 hours

dog rescued by firefighters
Little dog was rescued by firefighters. @jromeo. Unsplash

Firefighter crews in Centennial rescued a dog named Luna who got stuck underground in a rabbit warren for over 30 hours.

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A mangnificent miracle took place in Centennial, Colorado. A few days ago, firefighters rescued a Jack Russel Terrier named Luna. This naughty dog was chasing a rabbit when she fell in an underground rabbit warren.

Luna got caught in a rabbit warren

Her owner, Ana Timmerman, realized she was missing very quickly. She turned frenetic and started to look for Luna all over the community. After a whole day of search, she heard barks, which came from beneath her own house. Right away she called for rescuers to come in her aide. The first ones to answer the call were the firefighters. Once they arrived at the house, they got to work inmediately. They tried unsuccessfully by different means to reach Luna. After many hours of hard work, the firefighters decided to contact the technical rescue team from South Metro Fire.

Two firefighters crews rescued Luna

Once both crews were together, they decided to cut open the Timmermans’ deck. Then, they encountered a concrete slab underneath the house which they also decided to break apart. It took the firefighters over six hours of work to finally get a hold on Luna.

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Support from the community

During that time, Ana Timmerman was constantly in communication with the crews. At the same time, many friends, family, and strangers went to her backyard to offer moral support. The entire crowd waited patiently until Ana finally reunited with her beloved Luna.

Everyone was grateful with the firefighter crews who rescued Luna after her 30 hours of underground captivity . Also, the Timmermans thanked everyone for their support. Finally, Ana took Luna to the vet for a checkup as a necessary precaution.

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