Enjoy a delicious, cold pint with your dog with this canine-friendly dog beer!

dog beer
Thanks to Bowser Beer, you can now enjoy a cold beer with your dog! ©Helena Lopes on Unsplash

It’s a lovely day, the sun is shining and you’ve got a bottle of your favourite beer chilling the fridge. But just one thing is missing – your pup can’t join in. Well, things have changed! Check out this delicious dog beer – so you and your pooch can enjoy a pint together!

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Have you ever looked at your pooch and wished you say ‘cheers’ with a beer at a special occasion, at a family BBQ or on their birthday? With Bowser Beer, you can do exactly that!

A healthy, tasty dog treat

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“I love dogs, and I wanted to have a healthy treat that I could trust, that was US made and good for them, and fun” Jenny Brown, CEO of Bowser Beer, said to PETS INSIDER, “So I created Bowser Beer!”.

The Bowser Beer website explains how Jenny was inspired by the idea of doggy beer after selling out of her pretzel treats for dogs – Bowser Bits – at a festival. She wanted to add some dog-friendly beer into the mix but realised that, well, dog beer didn’t actually exist!

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With her devoted doggy assistants, she was on a mission to develop a new brand of canine beer. Her pups were only happy to help taste test, of course! Eventually, they created a healthy, fun, all-American made dog beer. And so far, it’s proved a real hit!

“People like doing things with their pets. They like drinking with them, partying with them, eating with them, and so this is a wonderful way for the dog to have his beer too!” Jenny explained in the video, “And you can have yours, and you can have a great time together”.

No alcohol allowed!

The beer is formulated from real, quality meat, malted barley and glucosamine, making a healthy, enjoyable snack for docks. Bowser Beer comes in three mouth-watering (well, for dogs, that is!) flavours: Beefy Brown Ale, Cock-a-Doodle Brew and Porky Pug Porter. Oh, and don’t worry – this dog beer is completely alcohol-free. You’ll be the only one getting merry!

And the beer is good for more than just drinking! Jenny claims you can “…pour it over kibble for a delicious meal topper. You can freeze it into popsicles or pour it over doggy ice cream”. 

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