UPS Driver Sees Dog Getting Dumped, “Delivers” It To Safety

In Stanislaus County, California, a UPS driver witnessed as someone discarded a puppy from their car, leaving the puppy right in the middle of a busy highway. The driver then sped away.

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Feeling anxious for the pup’s safety, the UPS employee, Jason Harcrow, picked up the 3-month-old Cairn Terrier before a car hit the poor pup. Sadly, he didn’t get a chance to take down the owner’s plate number.

“I thought the car in front of me was going to hit it, then it went underneath mine and I’m looking out the mirrors and I had seen it dodging under my big tires,” Harcrow stated in a report by Fox KTVU.

The two went to the police station, where they got in touch with animal services. The people from the county shelter instantly accepted the pup into their care.

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Now at the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter, the caramel-colored puppy, named Biscuit, isn’t going to be available for adoption until Tuesday. This grace period provides the owners time to get him back should he have been lost or stolen. (Please take into consideration that the person who discarded the pup may not be his owner, and that the shelter will do its best to make sure that he finds his loving forever home).

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Thank you so much to Harcrow, Biscuit’s hero, who went the extra mile to ensure that this lovely little pup got to safety!