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5 Best dog food brands

popular dog food brand advice
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Deciding on the right food for your pet can be really difficult. If you are looking for a recommendation, we’ve compiled a list of the 6 best dog food brands available in the United Kingdom.

By Dawn Parrish

You only need to walk down an aisle in the pet food store or supermarket and you will notice descriptions of many varieties on the pet food products. Healthy Weight! Grain Free! Hypoallergenic! Sorting through them all and choosing the best product that is the most nutritious for your dog can be quite daunting. First of all, if you don’t give your dog the correct nutrients, he can suffer not only from indigestion, malnutrition but also serious health conditions.

Greatest dog brands in the UK

Several of the finest producers of dog food are located in the United Kingdom. Certainly, many of these established companies have detailed transparency when asked to provide detailed evidence and figures relating to their products. In contrast, this is not a requirement in every other country. To help with your choice, we have compiled a list of the 5 finest, premium brands to ensure that your dog gets only the best!


best brand dog food
A popular favourite dog food©Pedigree

Probably the most well-known dog food supplier in the UK. With a well-earned reputation as one of the best dog food brands available today. Manufacturing both wet and dry assortments of their delectable menus. Pedigree supply food for all sizes and breed of dogs, covering every possible preference.


dog food
Plenty of choice of flavours©Hills

One of the largest and well-known dog food manufacturers worldwide, not only in the UK. They are renowned for producing nutritional and tasty dog foods with the back-up of many industry leaders and veterinary professionals. Their dog food products are not only healthy for your pets but also delicious.


dog food
Looking for premium ingredients©Eukanuba

Their company philosophy is to use only premium ingredients. With an ethos that all dogs should be fed a suitable diet, as fitting as their wild carnivore predecessors were. The Eukanuba dog food brand is produced from high-quality animal protein so purchasers are sure of a first-class product.

James Wellbeloved

dog food brands
Flavour and nutrients ©James.Wellbeloved.

This is a popular choice for its amazing taste and nutritional ingredients. The main components are turkey meat, oats and brown rice which are also hypoallergenic food products. Enriched with essential minerals and vitamins and fatty acids to ensure that your dog is in the ultimate health. This best dog food brand includes no artificial flavours or cheaper bulking ingredients. Likewise, nor does it include gluten, eggs, wheat or dairy that can cause allergic reactions in some dogs.


dog food
One of the UK's best sellers in dog food choice©Harringtons

This dry dog food brand has been at the top of the best-sellers list for a long time. Each packet of Harrington’s dog food contains no wheat, sugar or soy. Similarly, it does actually contain 20 percent protein. The list of ingredients sounds delicious and offer quite a variety for our canine friends. Their complete dog food is a dry feed made from lamb and vegetables, and in some varieties, turkey too. Providing a complete, nutritious diet for both puppies and adult dogs and helping to maintain proper digestion and a shiny coat.

How to choose the best dog food brand for your pet

First of all, the age and breed of your dog have an enormous constraint on the type, manufacturer and ingredients that you wish to offer from the many dog food brands available.

Puppies – Your main aim is to watch your puppy grown and to remain healthy. Any dry dog food that you opt to feed him should have Vitamins A and D for brain development, eyesight and bone growth. It should also include calcium in its list of ingredients for healthy teeth and bones. Certainly, if it also contains Omega oils, it’s an extra advantage.

Smaller, active dogs – If you have a small breed dog that loves playtime and exercise, you need a dog food brand that offers a greater amount of energy and calories.

Senior dogs – In contrast, older dogs require fewer calories as they become less active in their increasing age, especially to reduce obesity.  A dog food rich in fibre is also an advantage for their digestion.

Some of the highest standards of dog food brands are manufactured in the United Kingdom food industry. However, not all brands and products are formulated equally.  Many of the budget brands will not contain the same nutritional levels to suit your dog’s diet. Your final choice of these best dog food brands should contain the appropriate ingredients to give our dogs assured energy levels, shiny coats, healthy nails and teeth and of course, excellent health. Do your own research and take advice from professionals and dependable sources.

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