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6 Dog cross-breeds that are utterly irresistible!

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These days we just cannot get enough of cute puppies and dogs. With their fluffy paws, soft fur and innocent eyes, these cross-breed dogs are just adorable. 

By Dawn Parrish

For many years, it’s been the pedigree dogs that have proved the most popular. But things appear to be changing very quickly in the canine world. Cross-breeds are very rapidly becoming fashionable among many families. Many of them are smaller-sized pets that have fantastic temperaments.

Advantages of having a cross-breed dog

These delightful and lovable pups will steal your heart. They will certainly change the way you look at dogs that aren’t full pedigree. Most of them have very loving, calm natures that fit easily into family environments.  Likewise, because they have purebred parents, albeit, from different dog breeds, their offspring are less likely to inherit a genetic disorder. One further advantage is that they’ve been cross-bred so as not to moult as frequently as other pedigree dogs.

The cutest dog cross-breed mixes

With their endearing names, it’s difficult not to fall head over heels for these bundles of cuteness. Take a Poodle and a Corgi and the cross-breed is a Corgipoo. A Poodle and a Schnauzer result in a Schnoodle. Or how about a Cockador – a dog cross-breed between a Labrador and a Cocker Spaniel. These dogs are certainly as enchanting as their names. Here we have chosen the 6 cross-breed dog types that we love the most. Although we are sure you will adore them just as much too.

No 1. Cavapoo - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle parents 


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No 2. Maltipoo cross-breed with parents the Maltese and Poodle 


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No 3. Shepsky -  German shepherd crossed with a fluffy Husky 


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No 4. How cute is the Brug - cross-bred with a Pug and a Brussels Griffon 


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No 5. How irresistible is the Jack Russell and Shitzu cross - a Jaktzu? 


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No 6. The Peke-a-teze. Parents are the Maltese and a Pekingese 


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